Working with the Americans

Working closely with the Americans, American clients or colleagues or business partners in the United States of America? Will your company be taken over by an American party or will it merge? Do you regularly deal with outsourcing projects? Then you may have experienced cultural differences.

These situations can affect your way of working, communicating and managing. Knowledge of the social background, business etiquette and everyday manners of American partners and colleagues helps to remove uncertainties. More important is the application of this knowledge; teaching skills and increasing adaptability to read and understand each other better.

Intermediate level - always tailor-made
Face to face
On request
Individual or with your team
On request

Training content

  • A better understanding of the background and impact of the American culture
  • Culture vs personality; recognise and name elements in interaction
  • Different ways in which one can adapt behavior to cross cultural differences

Learning achievements

  • Present yourself in line with the American setting
  • Determine your own boundaries and indicate them appropriately
  • Interpreting and using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Characterise behaviour and adapt communication without judgment

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Akteos stands for

  • Personal growth and greater returns for teams and organizations
  • Personal working method and customisation in optima forma
  • SLX: online, social learning and practice-oriented
  • Unique tool: your Personal Culture Profile transparent and measurable
  • Innovative, interactive and scientific learning concepts
  • Experts worldwide with specific knowledge of culture

Do you work with multiple cultures? Akteos offers training courses for each specific culture. Do you want to learn or develop the language in addition to the culture in America or (one of) the United States of America (USA)? Take a look at the Business English training from our sister organization Language Partners.

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