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Did you know that mixed teams have the potential to perform up to 35% better? Of course you would like to exploit this potential. An intercultural team requires focused leadership. Our practical international teams training is specially designed for managers and leads of mixed teams with members from different cultures and backgrounds.

All too often, intercultural differences in the workplace can inadvertently lead to irritation, miscommunication or misinterpretation. With all the resulting repercussions. After this training, this will no longer be the case. You will learn practical skills and insights to make optimal use of cultural differences within the team. Internal differences can be converted into business success. Team diversity can be used as a force that can lead to increased productivity, creativity, faster internal processes and greater employee satisfaction.

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Training content

  • Understand the impact of culture better
  • Culture vs personality; recognise and name different elements in interaction
  • Different ways in which one can adapt behaviour to bridge cultural differences
  • Understand and recognise various communication styles

Learning achievements

  • To be able to effortlessly apply various communication styles within different (intercultural) situations
  • Interpreting and using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Learn how to take cultural differences into account and motivate and involve your environment in this process
  • Develop and streamline common values within a team

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Akteos stands for

  • Personal growth and greater returns for teams and organizations
  • Personal working method and customisation in optima forma
  • SLX: online, social learning and practice-oriented
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  • Experts worldwide with specific knowledge of culture

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