Intercultural skills for HR Managers

This training is a ‘must have’ for HR Managers who works in an international organization.
When working with different cultures you will probably recognize a sense of miscommunication or being misunderstood. You probably think you’re well in-tune with your colleague who just happens to have a different cultural background. And then it turns out that the other person misinterprets or misunderstands you, with all the consequences that entails.

To recognize and bridge cultural differences
Working with different cultures requires a different approach. Understanding cultural differences and being willing to adapt, without losing sight of your own norms and values, are important first steps. Getting started will help you bridge the cultural differences in teams and work environments. Goodbye misunderstanging! Hello effective communication!

HR professionals in international or multicultural organisations have to deal with different cultures every day. A global workforce requires a different approach to recruitment, assessment, talent management and other HR processes. It is, therefore, essential that you develop your intercultural skills.

In addition, multicultural teams even have the potential to function better than teams with no diversity. As an HR manager, you also play a key role here.

This training will give you:
• insights into various cultures,
• help you develop the right competences to guide an international team,
• the skills to perform successfully and effectively in your role as an HR manager working internationally.

Trainer: Marjoleine Havik
Marjoleine has lived and worked around the world. She enjoys combining these practical experiences with her theoretical intercultural knowledge in trainings and workshops for Akteos Netherlands. After her Masters in Psychology and years in the HRM field, Marjoleine became a lecturer at an International Business School to later fully commit herself to Training and Consultancy. Marjoleine is also connected to the ICLL (InterCultural Learning Lab) at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen.

The NOMAD’ profiler – online tool
All trainings of Akteos include our online tool, the Nomad’ Profiler. This exclusive resource allows you to create an individual Cultural Profile and to compare your personal working preferences with other cultures to gain a fuller understanding of cultural differences and potential gaps to bridge. It also includes more than 60 country packs with a wealth of reliable information on values, cultural traits and business life for each country.

Open training

  • 6 September 2018 – Intercultural skills for HR-Managers – 9:00-17:00 uur in Amsterdam – €750,-

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Custom made training

You may attend this course as an individual or as part of a group. We will discuss the content, the date and the location of the course with you beforehand to ensure it meets your personal preferences.

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