When working in an international team, living and working abroad and/or managing a multicultural team, dealing with cultural differences is the challenge!

Akteos offers you the intercultural tools you need to give your competitiveness in the world market a boost. We provide support to companies with international activities through training and development of the skills required by their managers and employees.


Communication courses

These courses prepare you for the difficulties and pitfalls inherent in cross-cultural interaction, whether it be for project teams comprised of a mix of nationalities or for virtual teams. 

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Management courses

This course will increase the effectiveness of your leadership in an international setting.

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Country courses

Learn to communicate effectively and how to adapt your working methods. Become acquainted with the business culture, learn to dress according to cultural codes and understand which sensitive conversation topics can best be avoided. And last but not least, learn what is considered to be humorous and more importantly, what isn’t…

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Expat courses

The quicker you and your family can adapt, the greater the chance of a successful posting abroad. The best way to integrate is to learn to identify cultural differences and how to bridge them. Additionally, it is also very useful to be aware of essential practical information.

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Inter-company courses / Open courses

In addition to tailor-made courses, Akteos also organises open registration courses that you can enrol in as an individual. You will then follow the course in a group with employees from other companies. 

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