Open training Working with the Dutch

It can be challenging; working and dealing with the Dutch. The Dutch have their own ways and expats bring their own cultural values and behaviour patterns. We believe that intercultural awareness is the key to success in an international business and a training can be helpfull for a successful career in the Netherlands. [Read more…]

Manspreading and more: American vs. Dutch ideas about personal space

Have you heard about the latest nuisance on public transport in America’s cities? No it’s not pickpockets, playing loud music, spitting or groping. The latest threat to peace and harmony on the metro is manspreading – that is the rude and inconsiderate habit of men – and this is exclusively a male realm – of taking up two or more seats by literally spreading their legs wide and planting their feet firmly into the floor. In doing so they take up much more space than allotted to an average sized person. There are now serious campaigns being launched to curb this growing epidemic. And the response is pretty lukewarm. As one perpetrator remarked, “I’m not going to cross my legs like ladies do,” ……. “I’m going to sit how I want to sit.” 1 [Read more…]

Dutch vs. American Birthdays in the Workplace – part II – Eating and Aging, Giving and Receiving

The Dutch belief that not only you, but everyone close to you is to be congratulated when it is your birthday took me some time to get my head around.

Part I of this blogpost focused on the rituals of celebrating birthdays at work in the Netherlands and the USA. In Part II we look at some of the more “touchy” issues related to birthdays in the USA, as well as what birthdays reveal about the meaning of relationships in both cultures. [Read more…]

Stellar Performance: Not Only for Cross-Cultural Business Teams

What does a cross-cultural business team leader have in common with a choreographer? Much more than you would expect!

Bridging cross-cultural differences to deliver a stellar dance performance has many parallels with the international business community. [Read more…]