Dutch business culture – Anecdotes from outside the fishbowl

An important step towards becoming a competent player in the international work environment is having a good understanding about one’s own culture. Like water to a fish, the influence of our own culture is often invisible to us. Getting an outsider’s perspective can help exploring the waters we swim in and learning more about our own cultural baggage. [Read more…]

Open training Working with the Dutch

It can be challenging; working and dealing with the Dutch. The Dutch have their own ways and expats bring their own cultural values and behaviour patterns. We believe that intercultural awareness is the key to success in an international business and a training can be helpfull for a successful career in the Netherlands. [Read more…]

Dutch vs. American Birthdays in the Workplace – part I – Cohesion Creator or Productivity Destroyer?

Don’t get the wrong idea: the circus has not come to town, and nobody has gotten a promotion. The big news is that someone you work with has a birthday today. [Read more…]