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A new approach to learning

Online culture training for individuals, teams and organisations

Akteos introduces a new learning concept including a unique online platform: Social Learning eXchange (SLX).

We see learning as an active and social process. Experiences on-the-job and interaction with others play an important role in this. Using the new platform, our training courses focus more on this. So students can better and more extensively develop themselves into successful, international communicators on the work floor.

Different forms of learning on one online platform

In addition to ‘formal’ learning (with a trainer and through e-learning), ‘informal’ learning has an important role in our training approach: learning on-the-job and from and with your team. The learning concept offers:

  • A unique bundling of learning forms within one platform
  • Social-learning: learners learn from and with peers and experts
  • A focus on developing practical, intercultural communication skills
  • Student-centred flexible and self-paced learning
  • 100% customisation, also online
  • Training courses suitable for all target groups, knowledge levels and fields

SLX in practice: what exactly does it look like?

We offer two intercultural communication training courses: ‘Cultural Awareness: dealing with culture stress‘ and ‘Working in a multicultural environment‘ on the SLX online platform.

Self-paced learning online

The student works on e-learning independently on our online platform. This part of the training is completely self-paced: all content is available immediately and you can work through modules at your own tempo. A personal mentor will provide guidance and support.

Lessons with a consultant 

Training sessions with a consultant complement the online learning. In these lessons you can actively practise skills or go into subjects in more depth. Online in the virtual classroom, on location or in-company.

Social learning – moving forward as a team

Social learning happens on-the-job and online. You and your peers put your newly acquired intercultural communication skills directly into practice by completing focused assignments. Experiences are then shared on the platform under supervision. In this way social learning takes place there too: by receiving feedback from fellow students and experts – and by giving feedback to others. You learn to communicate more extensively as a team, and with more adaptability. Your personal consultant will continuously monitor the learning process.

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