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Nomad Profile©

The model developed by Akteos around ten cultural dimensions is the core key of its pedagogy.

The model takes into account the cultural references of the countries populations, the influence of cultural preferences on their way of thinking, of organizing themselves and of acting together, as well as the impact of culture values on relationships.

nomadEssential to a “Global Manager”, the Nomad’ Profile© has multiple functions:

  1. The Cultural Profiler offers cultural guidelines that allows him/her to become aware of his/her own cultural preferences in a professional context
  2. The Cultural comparing tool allows him/her to compare his/her position from another culture and to anticipate future understanding issues
  3. The Country Packs gather reliable information on the attitudes, cultural codes and business life of countries

There are a number of possible uses before, during and after the training for the Nomad’ Profile©. It is a true travel companion in the journey through cultures. Cultural atlas, compass, deciphering tool, it allows the understanding of different cultures and the development of the participant’s intercultural skills.

“When I hold a training session, I use the Nomad’ Profile which is very appreciated by the participants. They recognize themselves perfectly through their cultural profile! They enjoy comparing themselves with the countries in which they work. It allows them to correct the major cultural gaps, which are the many points of vigilance in the co-operation.”- Laurence Petit, Intercultural Consultant

Nomad’ Network©

The Nomad’ Profile© is found on the Nomad’ Network© which proposes complementary functions:

  1. The forum allows the “Nomadians” to communicate between each other and to obtain relevant answers from experts on issues they encounter working with another culture
  2. The members’ directory gives them the possibility to develop their international network
  3. The media library is enlarging everyday with new intercultural information

The Nomad’ Network© is also a training platform on which every participant can find logistic information, questionnaires, educational documents and can communicate with the trainers.

Thus, this private, professional and international social network of equals and experts helps each participant in his/her everyday intercultural projects.

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