Nomad’ Network – Cultural Profiler


Insight into your Cultural Profile

• What is your working and communication style?
• Which cultures do you work well with and which cultures require you to bridge cultural gaps?

Unique learning tool
This online learning tool has been developed by Akteos experts based on 10 cultural dimensions. Nomad’ Network © is the departure point of your training. Within 15 minutes and 30 questions you get an insight into:

  • Your cultural profile: discover your communication and working style and other (culturally) determined preferences.
  • Comparison with other cultures: by comparing your profile you will become aware of the common denominators and cultural gaps.
  • Information per country: country packs offer overviews of more than 75 countries with reliable information about etiquette, cultural rules and doing business. All the do’s and don’ts and tips at your fingertips to work efficiently with other cultures.
  • Access to an international forum, which allows the participant to be part of the international Nomad’ community and to have discussions, exchange experiences and ask questions to specialists and other participants. Through this forum participants can also stay in touch with their consultants for help and advice.
Do the test! Try the Nomad’ Profiler yourself!

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