Language and Culture Courses

The optimum preparation for your international cooperation

To do business in a professional manner and to work together with foreign companies and colleagues knowledge of the language and the culture of your business partners is important. For this reason in cooperation with our partner Language Partners we are offering Language and Culture Courses: the optimum preparation for your international cooperation.

After following this training you will be able to communicate better with foreign contacts, signal cultural differences and respond to them in the correct manner. This will enable you to do business more professionally, more effectively and more successfully.

Unique approach
During a language and culture course you will receive training from a language trainer of Language Partners and a trainer of Akteos. This means you are taught by two professionals with their own expertise. This is what makes the Language and Culture Courses so unique.

The language trainers of Language Partners are all native speakers specialised in the provision of b-to-b custom courses. All Akteos consultants have specific country expertise and knowledge of the area of intercultural communication. They also have demonstrable work experience in international settings.

The course
You follow a language and culture course at your own level, based on your personal learning targets and work situation. We call this a custom course. Your language level is determined based on an intake interview in the target language, a language test and if necessary additional (writing) tests. We test your current skills and knowledge in the area of intercultural communication and the culture of the country in question by an intake interview and the Cultural profiler of the Nomad’ Network.

The Language and Culture Courses can be followed as an intensive or as a flexible course. During an intensive course you receive 4 days of language training and 1 day of culture training. With a flexible language course the lessons are divided over 30 hours of training: 22 hours of language and 8 hours of culture.

More information
Would you like more information on the Language and Culture Courses or training advice? Please contact us for your tailor-made training or call +31 (0)88 02 88 090.