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Cultural awareness: dealing with culture stress (online social learning)

Are you dealing with culture stress in the workplace and is your organisation managing cultural awareness? People with different cultural backgrounds could have different frames of reference. Sometimes this is clear: they behave unknown. Often it lays less on the surface: emotions are shown differently, or not, information is processed in an unexpected way and feedback is misinterpreted.

Training dealing with intercultural differences in the workplace

In the online training Cultural Awareness: dealing with culture stress online training you will gain new insights so that you can better empathise with and understand the other person. You will also develop basic skills that will enable you to communicate more constructively with people from different backgrounds. This personal growth will lead to more successful relationships and greater employee satisfaction.

It starts with discovering who you are, what you stand for and what you can contribute to effective international cooperation - consciously or unconsciously. Blind spots are identified. You learn to monitor and regulate your thoughts, emotions and behaviour in a way that aligns with the other culture. This awareness is necessary to bridge intercultural differences and communicate successfully in a multifaceted, international environment.

More information about other cultures at work?

The training is tailor-made and can be followed both individually and in a group. We determine the training form, duration, location and content together with you. This training can also be followed face to face with a trainer. Sign up for the training Cultural awareness: dealing with culture stress or ask for free and personal training advice.

Training advice
Online in our virtual classroom with Social Learning eXchange
Individually - you will join a group for the social learning part

Training content

  • What culture is and how it works
  • Discover your cultural profile
  • What may cause challenges when dealing with another culture
  • Dealing well with cultural stress triggers in order to stay effective

Learning achievements

  • Create awareness of the influence of culture on contact and cooperation with others
  • To actively learn to collect information about the characteristics of diverse cultures
  • Insight into your own limits in terms of empathy and adaptability
  • Being more patient and free of judgment to the unknown
  • Being able to control your primary emotional response in challenging situations
  • Don’t let emotionally shocking situations, frustrations, exhausting circumstances or setbacks distract you from your task

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