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Personal advice and support

Does your organisation operate internationally? Do your employees come from different cultural backgrounds? Do you collaborate with suppliers or stakeholders from various countries? If so, a policy where ‘culture’ occupies centre stage is recommended.

The right intercultural approach can ensure that your employees and customers are more satisfied, cost of failure is reduced and the success rate is increased. Paying attention to intercultural communication and management increases an organisation’s return on investment.

Akteos recognises the added value of intercultural policy. From awareness of intercultural differences to the implementation of policy where culture is seen internally as a connecting factor and externally as a unique selling point.

Our highly experienced consultants and staff assists you in assessing, devising and implementing the appropriate courses of action, thereby allowing you to make the most of your structure and staff diversity to leverage performance.

Your intercultural challenges

Our trainers/ consultants combine their skills to allow you to:

  • Manage international mobility and cultural diversity more effectively, as strategic keys to development and innovation
  • Develop a global approach to cross-cultural matters, capitalising on the company’s storehouse of multicultural experience
  • Efficiently manage multicultural and international teams
  • Successfully bring together companies from different cultures, during mergers, acquisitions and the setting up of partnerships
  • Implement a diversity management policy, both at national and international level

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