Dutch business culture – Anecdotes from outside the fishbowl

An important step towards becoming a competent player in the international work environment is having a good understanding about one’s own culture. Like water to a fish, the influence of our own culture is often invisible to us. Getting an outsider’s perspective can help exploring the waters we swim in and learning more about our own cultural baggage. [Read more…]

How to act in unfamiliar situations

Wednesday 16 May 2018

The France Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, the CCFS, welcomed Anne Marie van Schaik (accountmanager) and Fanny Spruytte (consultant) from Akteos. Akteos offers intercultural training courses to improve your communication and business skills. We help companies to be successful in an international setting. The focus during this 2-hours introduction workshop was on recognizing cultural similarities and differences (intercultural training).

Insight into Swedish and French (business) culture
Fanny Spruytte also introduced the Nomad’ network to a group of our members. This cultural profiler is an unique learning tool developed by Akteos experts based on 10 cultural dimensions. It helps you discover your communication and working style and other (culturally) determined preferences. It also allows you to compare your profile with other cultures: by comparing your profile you will become aware of the common denominators and cultural gaps. Fanny demonstrated this with the help of witty videos, pictures and real-life cases. Everybody felt addressed and recognised the similarities and differences between the Swedish and French (business) culture. This succesfull workshop came to an end with a glass of champagne. Read more 

Try our Nomad’ (cultural) Profiler yourself
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Our training programmes are geared towards your specific needs. Please feel free to contact Anne Marie, accountmanager at Akteos: +31 (0)88 02 88 090 | annemarie.vanschaik@akteos.nl

Webinar – Working Successfully in Virtual Teams

Enhance your business performance across countries, time zones and cultures!

In today’s business world, it is more the rule than the exception to be part of at least one team that is dispersed across continents. Without the option to easily connect during so-called watercooler moments or build trust based on face-to-face meetings, greater efforts are needed to achieve real teamwork in virtual (remote) teams. Challenges are augmented by cultural differences in communication styles and working practices which can increase misunderstandings and cause a loss of efficiency. This webinar helps you to become aware of the unique challenges that virtual teams face and aims to support both managers and team members with tools to improve overall team performance. [Read more…]

Free consultancy – Working with the Japanese

Planning a business trip to Japan or working with the Japanese? Meet Azumi Uchitani, our leading Japanese senior executive consultant and TEDx speaker. We are pleased to offer you one hour of free coaching with Azumi to leverage your business in Japan. [Read more…]

Vacancy – Trainer Poland

Akteos Netherlands, based in Amsterdam since 2013, provides training, coaching and consultancy for companies that operate internationally. The focus is on recognising and exploiting cultural differences (inter-cultural communication management training). Our consultants are specialists in their field, and deliver out training courses worldwide. At this moment Akteos is looking for a :

freelance trainer Poland

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