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Webinar series Intercultural communication

Akteos is organising three, free webinars on the topic of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is playing an increasingly more important role in many organisations. For many of us, the digitalisation and globalisation of business have meant that we are expected to work and communicate with colleagues from different cultures and with different work ethics and values. An organisation that manages intercultural communication well often results in creating a working environment that achieves clear communication and effective collaboration and therefore has a competitive advantage.

This series of Intercultural Communication webinars deal with the first steps of identification, awareness and the added value of cultural awareness.

Webinar 1: September 7 15.30-16.30
Discover your Cultural Awareness: How your culture unconsciously influences your behavior

When we think of culture, we often think of how others behave and not necessarily how our own behaviour is determined by our cultural background. Cultural awareness is also about being aware of how your culture influences your behaviour. Discover how culture affects your behavior!

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how you can become aware of your own culture through metaphors
  • Learn how culture is formed using the iceberg theory, cultural dimensions and turn taking
  • Gain insight into cultural awareness through ‘cultural dialogues’: conversations between two people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Get tips & tricks which you can apply directly
  • Lastly, practice applying the new insights into your business situation

Webinar 2: September 21 15.30-16.30
Become a pro in intercultural communication and avoid miscommunication

Communication is more than just the words we say. Non-verbal communication, paralanguage and interaction management also play a big role. Although, the importance of all these forms of communication differ from culture to culture. For example, there are some cultures where the chosen time and location of an appointment say much more than what was written in the invitation. In this webinar, you will learn to recognise and avoid pitfalls that may occur in intercultural communication!

In this webinar you will:

  • Discover why people sometimes don’t understand each other even though they speak the same language
  • Gain insight into various factors of intercultural communication; the role of language proficiency, communication style, tone, and structure
  • Learn from concrete examples, through cultural dialogues· Get tips & tricks which you can apply directly
  • Lastly, practice applying the new insights into your business situation

Webinar 3: October 5 15.30-16.30
How to use intercultural communication to successfully lead

We interact with others by communicating and this plays a key role in successful collaboration. The way in which we lead and negotiate also depends on how we communicate.

As seen in the previous webinar, the way we communicate is strongly affected by our culture. Discover how you can improve you intercultural communication skills and achieve better results at work!

In this webinar you will:

  • Gain insight into what role intercultural communication plays when leading a team
  • Discover the role intercultural communication plays in successful negotiations
  • Focus on the role and importance of trust in these situations
  • Get tips & tricks which you can apply directly
  • Lastly, practice applying the new insights into your business situation


Dates: 7 & 21 September and 5 October 2021
Time: 15.30 – 16.30
Via: Zoom
Duration: 1 hour Language: English (desired level: B1)
Cost: free
For who? : this series of webinars is interesting for anyone who wants to further develop their intercultural communication skills, and for those working with colleagues from different cultures.


The webinars will be given by Marjoleine Havik. She has over 10 years experience as a consultant and providing Cultural Awareness training. Marjoleine has lived and worked extensively abroad. She has a wealth of intercultural knowledge which she is able to convey and translate into practical tips.


The webinars will take place on 7 & 21 September and on 21 October 5 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

You can sign up by filling in the form below. After registering you will receive a zoom link to access the webinar. You can also sign up for the webinars separately.

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