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So close and yet so different: Getting the most out of your business meetings with Germans

29 October 2020 by Anne Niesen
National culture and company culture have a much bigger impact on meetings than many people think. Do you have good, or perhaps even advanced English skills? Great, that will certainly make your life easier. Is that all you need to know? Certainly not. International meetings deserve much more focused attention...

Sweet Christmas dreams are made of this

by Lynelle Barrett
Expats can still celebrate the holiday season when far from home The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, spent with friends and family, but expats often wonder how they will celebrate the festive season in their new country. The good news is that people everywhere love to...

Hindsight is 20/20…or maybe 50/50

by Lynelle Barrett
It’s been ten years since I first arrived in the Netherlands as an expat. So when the folks at Akteos asked me to offer some tips to newcomers, I had to think back to how I felt at the time. What I can share is the benefit of my experience....

Interview Mourad Salaheddine – Pharming Group N.V.

by Elise Droge
What were your reasons to follow a workshop (dealing with the Chinese) at Akteos? Our company signed a contract with a Chinese company. Many of the people involved have a technical background and have limited experience with intercultural relationships. We started the activities and after a while we found out...

From the Netherlands to Singapore: Two different styles of freedom

by Lynelle Barrett
When moving country, knowledge of the cultural dimensions can be helpful in anticipating local behavior, but how does this translate into real life? Here is an illustration of two cultural dimensions in two very different countries.

Stellar Performance: Not Only for Cross-Cultural Business Teams

by Lisa Ross-Markus
What does a cross-cultural business team leader have in common with a choreographer? Much more than you would expect! Bridging cross-cultural differences to deliver a stellar dance performance has many parallels with the international business community.

Building trust across cultures

by Frank Garten
One of the challenges in business these days is that teams consist of people who reside in different time-zones, countries and cultures. Project managers, commercial managers and – well – any professional have to work flawlessly with their colleagues abroad. People they never met, whose voice they know from a...

Really, we are very funny people in the Netherlands

by Lonneke van Zutphen
Dutch expat Lonneke van Zutphen shares her experiences in Africa I have noticed that it can be difficult for Dutch people, who are so liberal, to encounter cultures where people are very conservative, and where women are not seen as equal to men. We were aware of the culture we were...

Britten zijn kampioen in small talk. Wat is het nut?

4 June 2019 by Dorinde van Helden
De Britten zijn wereldkampioen in small talk ofwel prietpraat. Een van onze trainingsdeelnemers vroeg ons: ‘Wat is het nut van dat gebeuzel? Ik kom graag meteen ter zake’. Vandaar de vraag: Wat is het nut van small talk?
Cultuur algemeen

Geen koffie? Dan niet! – Hoge en lage contextculturen

by Saskia Maarse
In Noord-Europa zijn wij gewend direct en expliciet te communiceren. In Zuid-Europa en Azië communiceert men subtieler. Daar ligt de boodschap verscholen tussen de regels. Nee is niet altijd nee en ja niet altijd ja.

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