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Whitepaper: Conquering Dutch and the Netherlands

27 January 2021 by akteos_admin
When you arrive in the Netherlands as an expat, you’ll probably run into a few cultural differences. It takes some time to adjust to your new situation of working and living in a new environment, but we’re here to help! Together with our trainers and consultants we’ve created this whitepaper...

Tips from Dutch expats: advice for Dutch people moving country

30 October 2020 by Lynelle Barrett
What advice would other Dutch expats give you about starting life in a new country? I asked a few Dutch friends living abroad to share their thoughts. Is there something they wished someone had told them before they moved to another country? Is there something that they have realized is...

Are we having fun yet? Get ready to work hard on your leisure activities in Asia

29 October 2020 by Lynelle Barrett
When you relocate to another country, you expect to find differences in how people socialise and do business. During your research on your new culture, you try to imagine how these differences will affect your work and your home life. Though you might not think of it, your new culture...

Sweet Christmas dreams are made of this

by Lynelle Barrett
Expats can still celebrate the holiday season when far from home The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, spent with friends and family, but expats often wonder how they will celebrate the festive season in their new country. The good news is that people everywhere love to...

Hindsight is 20/20…or maybe 50/50

by Lynelle Barrett
It’s been ten years since I first arrived in the Netherlands as an expat. So when the folks at Akteos asked me to offer some tips to newcomers, I had to think back to how I felt at the time. What I can share is the benefit of my experience....

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