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Culture in general

Culture: The secret ingredient to excellent service quality in hospitality

30 October 2020 by Carolin Barr
If there is a place where customers pay special attention to the quality of the service they receive, it is in the hospitality industry. As such, not surprisingly, hotels invest a significant amount of time and money into training their employees fairly sophisticated soft skills such as anticipating guests’ needs,...

Christmas around the world – Celebrate something new

by Dorinde van Helden
Six most remarkable Christmas traditions  While Christmas may have begun solely as a Christian holiday, and is often still celebrated as such, people from all over the world have embraced the festive season and added their own traditions along the way. Smiley snowmen, lush christmas trees and Santa Claus still...
Culture in general

Take your course in our virtual classroom

29 October 2020 by Talina Trum
We are all now dealing with the corona virus and the measures associated with it. Government guidelines also have consequences for our training courses. Unfortunately, at the moment we are no longer able to organise face-to-face sessions with trainers. Fortunately, we are able to offer a good alternative in the...
Culture in general

Dutch business culture – Anecdotes from outside the fishbowl

by Carolin Barr
An important step towards becoming a competent player in the international work environment is having a good understanding about one’s own culture. Like water to a fish, the influence of our own culture is often invisible to us. Getting an outsider’s perspective can help exploring the waters we swim in...

How to act in unfamiliar situations

by Dorinde van Helden
The France Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, the CCFS, welcomed Anne Marie van Schaik (accountmanager) and Fanny Spruytte (consultant) from Akteos. Akteos offers intercultural training courses to improve your communication and business skills. We help companies to be successful in an international setting. The focus during this 2-hours introduction workshop...

Leading Conversations: 5 Ways to Manage Language Skill Gaps in the Workplace

by Lisa Ross-Markus
“What are you going to do to compensate me for 10,000 malfunctioning intercom systems my company bought from you?” I barked at the Spanish business executive seated across the conference table from me. In my role as actor in a training simulation, I had been venting my complaints to him...

Interview Mourad Salaheddine – Pharming Group N.V.

by Elise Droge
What were your reasons to follow a workshop (dealing with the Chinese) at Akteos? Our company signed a contract with a Chinese company. Many of the people involved have a technical background and have limited experience with intercultural relationships. We started the activities and after a while we found out...

Building trust across cultures

by Frank Garten
One of the challenges in business these days is that teams consist of people who reside in different time-zones, countries and cultures. Project managers, commercial managers and – well – any professional have to work flawlessly with their colleagues abroad. People they never met, whose voice they know from a...

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