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Culture: The secret ingredient to excellent service quality in hospitality

30 October 2020 by Carolin Barr
If there is a place where customers pay special attention to the quality of the service they receive, it is in the hospitality industry. As such, not surprisingly, hotels invest a significant amount of time and money into training their employees fairly sophisticated soft skills such as anticipating guests’ needs,...

Tips from Dutch expats: advice for Dutch people moving country

by Lynelle Barrett
What advice would other Dutch expats give you about starting life in a new country? I asked a few Dutch friends living abroad to share their thoughts. Is there something they wished someone had told them before they moved to another country? Is there something that they have realized is...
Country specific

Dutch vs. American Birthdays in the Workplace – part I – Cohesion Creator or Productivity Destroyer?

by Lisa Ross-Markus
Don’t get the wrong idea: the circus has not come to town, and nobody has gotten a promotion. The big news is that someone you work with has a birthday today.
Country specific

Dutch vs. American Birthdays in the Workplace – part II – Eating and Aging, Giving and Receiving

by Lisa Ross-Markus
The Dutch belief that not only you, but everyone close to you is to be congratulated when it is your birthday took me some time to get my head around. Part I of this blogpost focused on the rituals of celebrating birthdays at work in the Netherlands and the USA....
Country specific

Manspreading and more: American vs. Dutch ideas about personal space

by Lisa Ross-Markus
Have you heard about the latest nuisance on public transport in America’s cities? No it’s not pickpockets, playing loud music, spitting or groping. The latest threat to peace and harmony on the metro is manspreading – that is the rude and inconsiderate habit of men – and this is exclusively...

Christmas around the world – Celebrate something new

by Dorinde van Helden
Six most remarkable Christmas traditions  While Christmas may have begun solely as a Christian holiday, and is often still celebrated as such, people from all over the world have embraced the festive season and added their own traditions along the way. Smiley snowmen, lush christmas trees and Santa Claus still...

Virtual meetings – Show your face

by Lisa Ross-Markus
Virtual meetings – Show your face Imagine a much anticipated business meeting. After weeks of preparation, you are about to give an important presentation to an international team of colleagues. Although everyone recognizes that their participation in this meeting is important, some strange things are going on. Five of the...

Ask the specialist: Does small talk make sense?

by Dorinde van Helden
Small Talk or Big Talk The British are world champions in small talk. One of our training participant asked us: ‘What is the purpose of small talk? To me it sounds like a waste of time’. Hence the question: Does small talk make sense at all?  Our consultant Wojciech Kolodziejczak explains: ...

Are we having fun yet? Get ready to work hard on your leisure activities in Asia

29 October 2020 by Lynelle Barrett
When you relocate to another country, you expect to find differences in how people socialise and do business. During your research on your new culture, you try to imagine how these differences will affect your work and your home life. Though you might not think of it, your new culture...

Cultural Responses to the coronavirus | an example from America

by Talina Trum
Since the coronavirus spread outside the Chinese borders it has become a pandemic. As a result, it has demanded the attention and immediate action of almost every country in the world. How countries deal with a crisis like this differs per country and per culture. When you look more closely at...

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