The Akteos Netherlands team is characterised by ambition and experience. They have experience in international business, training courses and consultancy and have the drive to ensure both they and their clients excel.

Get to know our staff members and some of our consultants!


Maike Coenen – Programme Advisor

Maike can help you find solutions for your organisation and gives training advice. She grew up in Germany and is fluent in Dutch, English and German. She has a background in business communications. Previously she worked for the Radboud University Nijmegen and as account manager for SUSA in The Netherlands and Germany. 


Talina Trum – Marketeer

Talina brings enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to Akteos Netherlands, where she is responsible for marketing and communication. She has excellent skills in optimizing websites and (re) writing all kinds of texts (brochures, annual reports, newsletters, articles). She’s also a very creative designer. Dorinde knows how to make optimal use of the communication channels. A real asset for the team.


Cintha Roersma – Managing Partner

Cintha has worked for 17 years in international organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and England in the fields of client relations, marketing strategy and new business development. During this period she saw there was a growing need for intercultural communication training and consultancy. In order to meet this demand Cintha and her colleague Harald Kruithof established Akteos Netherlands. Her objective is to create more awareness in her colleagues’ and business contacts with a different cultural background to ensure companies can operate more successfully in international environments. Cintha’s main priorities at Akteos concern corporate strategy, client relations and new business.



Harald Kruithof – Managing Partner

Harald worked for 15 years as a consultant for diverse clients in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris and while working in this area he realised there was an increasing demand for intercultural communication and management training. In order to meet this demand Harald and his colleague Cintha Roersma therefore established Akteos Netherlands, as part of the international Akteos Group, where he is concerned with Corporate Strategy and Innovation Policy.




Pascale Habourdin – Program director

Pascale is program director voor Akteos worldwide. Pascale heeft de Franse nationaliteit en woonde als kind in het buitenland: in West-Afrika en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Terug in Frankrijk studeerde ze Internationale Relaties en oriëntaalse talen: Chinees en Indonesisch. Haar internationale achtergrond en haar studies brachten haar bij intercultureel management.

De afgelopen 15 jaar heeft ze interculturele cursussen georganiseerd, consultants geworven, cursussen op maat gemaakt voor multinationals, producten geïnnoveerd en deelgenomen aan het maken van nieuwe producten. 







Azumi is a Japanese national, having spent half of her life in Europe; lived and worked in UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands.
She has over 20 years of experience in business development and management of multinational project teams in global finance and IT companies. Over the last 10 years, she has been giving seminars, coaching sessions, team building program productions and helping executives to deal with the cultural differences and make a progress in business and personal development. She is a leading Japanese trainer with the valuable cross border business development experience understanding the needs of European management teams to deal with the Japanese companies.
She is also known as an inspirational speaker and has spoken several times at TEDx in the Netherlands, helping people to use the essence of Japanese tradition in European everyday life.


Brigitte has been trainer for cross-cultural communication since 2013. She has lived and worked in Germany, Netherlands, Japan, USA, Australia and Russia and visited many more. After her studies at Thunderbird School of International Management and a career as international project manager at IBM, she decided to use her experiences in combination with established intercultural models to consult multinational teams to improve their communication and their results.


Fanny is our Belgian trainer. She lives in Amsterdam and has a long China work experience. Fanny holds an MA in Sinology, a Post-Master degree in Far Eastern Business Trades Studies and is a certified Coach. Fanny has a rich work experience as a project manager, headhunter, consultant and is an experienced intercultural trainer and coach. As an intercultural trainer she is specialized in intercultural awareness, intercultural communication, intercultural leadership, dealing with the Belgian and Chinese culture, intercultural teambuilding, pre-departure and post-arrival programs for expats. Fanny is fluent in Dutch, French, English and Mandarin Chinese.


Hugo holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology and in Leadership and Organisational Coaching. In the capacity of Organisational Psychologist and senior HR-professional, he has worked and lived in various countries over the last 20 years, such as Australia and Spain, where he is currently based. He teaches Leadership modules of the MBA programmes for a Business School in Barcelona, is mentor for various start-ups and is organisational and innovation coach for companies. His specialties are leadership, impact communication, social innovation and creating high-performance teams in multinational environments.


A French national, our trainer has twenty years of international experience, out of which nine years spent in the Netherlands, five years in Germany and two in the United States. After graduating from business school, she started her career in marketing and export in the cosmetics area, and then went into Strategy Consultancy and Intercultural Management. Today, Laurence facilitates intercultural team-buildings and provides seminars, individual and group trainings helping professionals to develop the skills required to interact successfully with people from different cultures. Examples of subjects covered: cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural management, working with the French / the Germans / the Dutch.


Lilian is a Sinologist who gained her degree from Leiden University in 1986 and has lived and worked in London, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Amsterdam gaining in depth experience in strategic business-to-business public relations. She has worked as a market researcher and market strategist for a number of companies including English companies on behalf of the China-Britain Business Council focussing on SMEs. Lilian also has many years experience supporting Dutch-Chinese companies in the area of internal company communications. As a trainer for Akteos, Lilian provides cross cultural business courses to both Dutch and Chinese people. Furthermore, Lilian also gives business lunchtime lectures and salon lectures about China, and she occasionally writes reviews and other articles as requested by industry media. Lilian is also co-chairperson of, a China Networking Group.


Lisa has both American and Dutch nationality and has lived in Paris, Moscow and Basel. After a successful career in dance and theatre, she shifted direction to the corporate world, leading and co-leading communication training programs for international business executives in The Netherlands, USA, Russia and Thailand. She is also an executive coach and trainings actor. Her areas of expertise are Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership and American culture.


A German national, our trainer has been living and working internationally since the 1990s. Using the Netherlands as her home base, she also frequently works in Germany, Belgium and other European countries. After graduating from university, she started her career in teaching Russian, Business German and Cultural Awareness. Now she is a highly respected, broadly experienced consultant specialized in Intercultural Management, Leadership and Personal Development.


Marjoleine has lived and worked around the world. She enjoys combining these practical experiences with her theoretical intercultural knowledge in our trainings and workshops. After her Masters in Psychology and years in the HRM field, Marjoleine became a lecturer at an International Business School to later fully commit herself to Training and Consultancy. Besides leading high-valued workshops at Akteos, Marjoleine is also connected to the ICLL (InterCultural Learning Lab) at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen.


Murat is, in random order, Dutch-Turkish. Born and raised up in The Netherlands within a Turkish family. He has studied MSc International Economic Studies at Maastricht University, and followed an MBA Exchange Program International Management at George Mason University in VA, USA. 12 years ago he started to travel around the world to develop new business on behalf of American, New Zealand, Australian and Dutch companies. Being raised up in 2 total different cultures has given him the needed cultural adaptability for being successful in international business. Next to that, he has supervised international teams. As International Sales Manager he has provided many sales trainings, for internal peers as well as external customers. Being fascinated and energized by the cultural differences between the Anglo-Saxon and Dutch model on one side, and the Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern communication and business styles on the other side, he now gives intercultural communication trainings.


Our trainer has fifteen years of international experience. After graduating from university she developed her career as a marketing and communication manager for several national and international authorities and companies, specialized in international and multicultural affairs. Having profound experience in Brasil, Italy, France and her home country the Netherlands, she is of value to many companies that are interested in developing their international business behaviour. She provides intercultural training courses in the field of management, sales, marketing and personal experiences/development. She has been invited to several international events as a speaker to inform companies about the challenges and solutions in international business behaviour.