Privacy Policy Akteos Netherlands


Akteos Netherlands values the trust that you place in us whether you are a client, contractor, or collaborative partner. Moreover privacy is a basic right of all citizens. We therefore treat all given personal information with the utmost care and confidentiality in order to respect your privacy. In this statement you will find our privacy policy and an explanation of what is done with your personal details, as we have always found it important to protect individuals’ privacy rights. With the introduction of the new European legislation AVG/GDPR we will exercise further care.

We ensure that:

• We do not request unnecessary information from you in order to conduct business we do together.
• There is transparency in what personal details we use, why and for how long.
• You are able to easily find, edit and delete your personal information.
• Your personal details are deleted in a safe and timely manner if we or external parties who work for us no long require usage of that data.

Our company method and policy for suppliers and collaborative partners:

• Use clear internal instructions and procedures.
• Incorporate special agreements into our contracts concerning privacy protection.
• Have appointed a special job position specifically geared to protecting privacy.
• Are always contactable and open to hear any questions or comments you may have regarding your personal data.

What type of personal data and why? 

We use your provided personal data to deliver the service you request and/or to update and inform you further. We adhere to the legal time limit required for course administration and book-keeping, which is generally between 5 and 7 years after a course has ended. Please find more information in the table below:

Viewing, editing or deleting of personal data 

If you would like to view, change or delete your personal data please do the following:

Email us at or call: 088 – 02 88 090.
We operate with complete transparency in regards to what information of yours we hold, and if it is amended or deleted.

To see or edit your Online account on our Nomad’ Network, please go to Settings in the applicable area. If you would like to delete your account, kindly call or email us.


Use of cookies
Our website makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small file which is sent from a website page and stored on a browser, in your computer’s hard drive.

We use Google Analytics to improve our website’s functionality and to monitor who visits our website. We have a concluded processing agreement with Google, and Akteos Netherlands only uses anonymous data. This means that the last 3 numbers of every IP-address are anonymized and no details are given of any computer or individual. “Sharing data” has been disabled within Analytics and we do not make any other use of  Google services in combination with Google Analytics-cookies.

Deletion of cookies
All internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and their equivalents) found on devices offer the option to completely reject or delete cookies permanently through their own settings. The newest versions of these internet browsers also offer a “Do Not Track” setting in which advertisement companies are no longer able to map your online activity. Further information regarding the option to turn cookies on or off is found in the instructions or help settings of your browser.

Third party usage

In some cases we share your personal details with third parties. These third parties, in which we have a concluded contract or agreement with, provide us with a monitoring service. For example, banks, pension funds, occupational health and safety service, tax authorities, accountant, suppliers of course material, free-lancers and collaborative ICT suppliers. Whomever we share personal details with, there is a concluded contract that stipulates that the information is handled safely and prudently, according to our privacy policy.

We never supply your personal details to third parties for any reason other than for what you have given, and this will always remain our policy.

Collaborations abroad

Our servers are located in Europe. Your personal details and their back-ups are therefore kept on European soil.

For marketing purposes we work together with Google and MailChimp. These companies process data outside of the European Union. They are certified by the EU-US Privacy Shield which means that they comply to European standards for the protection of personal data. In addition, there are concluded procedural agreements with the above parties.

Consequences for not providing personal data 

We are unable to provide you with the products or services you require when we do not receive the minimal personal details required. In our contact forms and accounts we distinguish between mandatory and non-mandatory fields. The former is needed to accomplish our work and the latter assists us in improving our services and therefore optimizing your course. Regardless of the type of data, mandatory or not, we handle all personal date provided with the utmost care and confidentiality, in accordance with this privacy statement.

Questions and Complaints about personal data

If you have any questions regarding your personal data please contact our country manager, who is in charge of privacy protection, at or by telephone on 088-02 88 000.

If you want to lodge a complaint with regards to how your personal data has been handled please contact us. In this instance we hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible and clarify any areas which are not clear. Notwithstanding, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Qualified Authorities. (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).