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Online social learning: Moving forward for individuals, teams and organisations with Social Learning eXchange

Akteos is committed to innovation in learning and constantly looking at how students can get the most out of their training.

Akteos sees learning as an active and social process. Our unique learning approach centres around the principle of ‘social constructivist learning’. Experiences on-the-job and interaction with others are very important in this. Indeed, this is where students appear to learn most.

In our online training courses you combine various learning styles, with the focus on social learning by putting skills into practice on-the-job and receiving feedback through interaction with others. It is precisely this combination that is most effective, according to Charles Jennings’ 70:20:10 model:

– 70% is learned through doing on-the-job;
– 20% is learned through social interaction, e.g. conversing with others or coaching;
– 10% is learned through formal training.

You can take the online training courses on our specially developed online platform: Social Learning Exchange (SLX). Learning through social interaction consists of giving and receiving feedback with fellow students (peers) and experts. An added advantage is that you learn to put your intercultural communication skills directly into practice at work by means of practical assignments. You set the study pace here and you decide which topics you wish to devote additional time to with extra assignments: optimal customisation.

How does a training course with Social Learning Exchange work? Take a look at the animation:

Read more about Social Learning Exchange in practice and the scientific basis of the SLX-model.

Cultural awareness from the very start

Learning at Akteos starts immediately. By conducting personal advisory interviews, we can already support you in identifying and bridging cultural differences in the organisation. These are often less on the surface than expected. Both student and organisations benefit from
100% customisation. We believe that a student gets the most pleasure from training using familiar examples.

Our online learning platform Social Learning Exchange has therefore been developed so that you can immediately apply the assignments in your own work environment and learn continuously with feedback from fellow students and experts.

Discover your cultural preferences

Discover your work and communication style! Which cultures do you work well with? In which areas do you differ from which culture?

Your culture profile provides valuable information about your working style and preferences, and the challenges you face when communicating effectively and engaging with people from different cultures. If you have a clear picture of the intercultural differences, it is easier to bridge them. This personal growth increases your added value in teams and organisations.

Akteos makes your cultural style transparent with the help of the Nomad’ Network© Culture Profiler. This online test is the starting point of every training course. Compare your cultural profile with your colleagues’ or with the ‘average profile’ of employees from another country. Request a free demo of Nomad’ Network© right away.

Intercultural Competence Framework – A unique personal learning path

By tailor-made, we really do mean tailor-made; after all, every individual is different. The personal growth of the course member comes first. In a tailor-made training course we work with the Intercultural Competence Framework we have developed. This unique learning path ensures that a training programme perfectly suits the student’s starting level, learning objectives, learning style and practical environment. Each level provides a clear insight into which learning outcomes are expected to be achieved. The progression and the intended end goal of the student is intensively monitored and the student always learns according to how preferred, because that is the most effective. Our learning methods are developed by experts and based on scientific research.

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Making cultural differences measurable and transparent

At Akteos, we are convinced that intercultural competences and dealing effectively with cultural differences can be trained and measured. Both are necessary to achieve improved performance. We are constantly working on (further) developing innovative learning tools, such as the online platform Social Learning Exchange, which raises the cultural awareness of a course participant, team or organisation to a higher level.

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