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About Akteos

Intercultural communication: the basis for successful relationships, growth and return on investment

Akteos recognises the added value of intercultural communication and intercultural management. From awareness of intercultural differences to the implementation of policy where culture is seen internally as a connecting factor and externally as a unique selling point.

A policy where intercultural aspects are well managed can ensure greater employee and customer satisfaction, lower cost of failure and an increased success rate. Paying attention to intercultural communication and management increases an organisation’s return on investment.

Through training, coaching and consultancy focused on intercultural communication and intercultural management, also cultural training specific by country, we provide individuals, teams and organisations with targeted skills, insights and tools to enhance social and cultural skills.

We are proud to say that many highly respected clients have already opted for Akteos because of our qualities.
The services provided by Akteos are distinguished by:

Return & Growth
Training with proven results: personal growth through intercultural skills and greater return on investment for teams and organisations. This leads to higher customer and employee satisfaction, a higher success rate and lower cost of failure.

Personal & Customised
Your development comes first. You develop your own unique learning path based on your learning objectives, learning style and practice within the Intercultural Competence Framework. With guidance as and where needed.

Social learning & practice-oriented
You learn on the job and from and with fellow students and experts: an innovative, interactive and effective online learning concept (SLX). You develop practical skills that you can put straight into practice in your work.

Personal Culture Profile
Discover and compare your cultural preferences and working style with our free culture test: NOMAD Cultural Profiler! Culture is no longer abstract, but becomes transparent and measurable. Unique tool: from skills to effective (team) communication.

Innovative and scientific
You learn according to innovative and scientifically based methodologies. Unique tools and learning concepts (SLX) that contribute to your growth and return in the field of intercultural communication and management skills.

Experts worldwide
You will be trained by experienced consultants with years of specific knowledge of a particular country or culture. As a result, you will develop effective intercultural skills that make a difference.


Would you like more information, a personal consultation or would you like to discuss a conversation or situation with foreign employees or colleagues? We like to think along with you.

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Training programms

Cultural training Country-specific expertise

Build sustainable partnerships with business relations from a specific country. Learn to master a communication style that suits the cultural background.

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Training Cross-cultural communication

Are you active within a diverse international setting? Improve your intercultural competence and smooth the interpersonal processes in a multicultural workforce.

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Training Cross-cultural management

Enrich your organisation by making optimal use of your employees´ talent with the strategies and leadership tools necessary to succeed in a virtual or multicultural work environment.

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